The Story

Welcome to Perle Home Fragrance! My name is Janel Seng O’Brien and I am so grateful that you are here!
My experience in candle making began during the the Spring of 2020. What started out as a hobby of testing wicks, containers, wax and scents in my spare time quickly turned into a passion on the side of my full time job as a 5th grade teacher.
After much research and experimenting to understand the candle making process, it became of utmost importance to find a candle vessel that served the purpose of looking beautiful but could also be refillable with a new candle or repurposed as a planter to reduce candle jar waste. I longed for a way to keep candles jars from being thrown out and find a way to keep the container purposeful.
The name 'Perle' comes from the gem I am most fond of but uses the German spelling of of the word. After living and teaching in Germany for five and a half years, I wanted to keep a little bit of the German language with me. To me, a pearl is timeless, elegant and classic. Once you’ve purchased our candles, you'll know that same elegance can be found in our candles and speaks for itself.
I hope you love your purchase as much as I love fulfilling each order. It brings me joy to relay my love for all things natural and beautiful to you!
If you have any questions, do get in touch! My email is