Scent Descriptions

 Amber Romance (Limited Edition)

Set the mood with our newest edition fragrance that's uplifting and luxurious.  A warm and elegant blend of amber, white musk and fresh cut roses are met with hints of earthy sandalwood and vetiver. 


Top - musk
Middle - water, fresh cut roses
Bottom - vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver

Pumpkin Chai

This oh so classic warm chai tea fragrance is paired with a sweet baked pumpkin essence to make it a consistent staple of the fall season. You're going to love the perfect combination of cinnamon, ginger, clove and a nutmeg spice to make this beautiful blend your new favorite. Pumpkin chai is an ode to my mother's baking- simple, delicate, impressive and most of all, delicious.


Top - lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon
Middle - pumpkin, clove, ginger
Bottom - vanilla, sugar, baked crust


Mahogany Teakwood

Cedar and oak wood interlace with warm mahogany to create the perfect inspiring scent for any season. This warm, woodsy and masculine scent is a favorite among men as well as women! 

Top - fresh lavender, geranium
Middle - warm mahogany
Bottom - earthy wood




Fill your space with this tropical blend of citrus fruits, sugar and a hint of driftwood. This scent will leave you envisioning paradise without ever leaving your home. Amalfi was inspired by my recent trip to the beautiful Amalfi coast and one of my favorite places in the world!

Top - fruity, watery
Middle - tropical, foliage, exotic
Bottom - driftwood

White Sage and Sea Salt

An Original Perle Home fragrance scent!
This inspiring blend of fresh sage and sea salt accompanied by white washed driftwood will transport you to a state of relaxation and sea side bliss all year round! White Sage and Sea Salt was inspired by all things clean, classic and subtle. A beautiful light scent that isn't overpowering.
Top - lemon, mandarin, sage, sea salt
Middle - beach juniper, jasmine vines, island gardenia
Bottom - weathered driftwood, cedar, musk


Tuscan Grove

Bright citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot are beautifully paired with leafy olive branches, softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla. An Italian dream! Inspired by my trip to Tuscany visiting small family wineries back in 2017, the simple beauty of the Tuscan hills, vineyards and olive trees blend together to make this candle unlike any other. This scent will have you envisioning a glass of wine in you hand overlooking the Tuscan hillside! 

Top - orange, lemon
Middle - green, floral, earthy
Bottom - complex musk, vanilla


Cashmere Cedar

Sweet notes of rose, jasmine and vanilla are present, finishing with a clean-scented, woody base of cedar wood and vanilla. This combination of sweet, subtle and musk blend together for one of our best selling scents all year round! Inspired by my love of cashmere, fine fabrics and the outdoors, this scent is sure to be a hit in your home.  Winter or not, this warm and welcoming blend is perfect for catching your attention and will have your guests asking what scent it is. 

Top - vanilla sugar
Middle - rose, jasmine, vanilla orchid
Bottom - cedarwood, creamy vanilla, smooth musk



Balsam Fir

A refreshing outdoor woodsy blend with pine notes combined with a base of light cedar and warm musk. A traditional smell of the winter and Christmas season. Inspired by my favorite holiday, there's no better scent to warm up those winter evenings and make it feel like Christmas than fresh pine. This fresh scent will bring the outdoors inside and just in time for the special holiday season.

Top - green
Middle - pine
Bottom - musk, woody


Hibiscus Palm  
Lime, agave and honeydew paired with green floral, violet and powder combines for an elegant and tropical scent. The spa, vacation and time for self care time is brought to you with this botanical summer scent! This scent was inspired by the memory of my honeymoon in Hawaii -the beautiful sight and aroma of the Hibiscus blossoms is how I still picture the beautiful island.
Top - honeydew melon, lime, agave
Middle - green floral, green leaves
Bottom - powder, violet
Summer linen    
Freshen up any room in your home with this clean and classic scent. Floral Lily of the valley and cotton blossom intertwine for a fresh aroma while light musk and violet balance this fragrance to make it the perfect combination. Who doesn't love the smell of crisp, clean laundry all year round!
Top - powder
Middle - lily of the valley, cotton blossom
Bottom - violet, light musk